Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gifts - Mystery Pressure Canner

Hey everyone!
Those of you who could make it, thank you all for coming! Those of you who couldn't, thank you for your best wishes, it's been wonderful receiving the cards and emails from you.

I have a question!
We arrived home last night to a fabulous pile of gifts inside the front door courtesy of the friend who was watching after the cat and the hedgehog. Most of them gave some indication who sent them. One, did not.

The pressure canner was shipped by an Amazon Affiliate who felt no obligation to give any indication who actually placed the order. And I can't write a thank you note unless I know who sent the gift. Please help!

Did you send us a pressure canner? Please let me know if you did.

Edited to add: Never mind. Amazon has this wonderful feature called a "Thank you list" which shows who ordered what items. Mystery solved!

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